Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Coming to Your Backyard Soon

Military Robot ‘Hops’ Over Walls

Most of the time, the shoebox-sized robot - which is being developed for the US military - uses its four wheels to get around.

But the Precision Urban Hopper can use a piston-actuated “leg” to launch it over obstacles such as walls or fences.

The robot could boost the capabilities of troops and special forces engaged in urban warfare, say researchers.

The robot is shoebox sized and guided by GPS

The program is being funded by Darpa, the US military’s research arm.

Earlier this year, Sandia National Laboratories awarded the contract to build the next generation of the hopper to Massachusetts-based robotics firm Boston Dynamics.

Researchers at Sandia have tried out the robot on a variety of different surfaces.

The semi-autonomous, GPS-guided gadget could be used for surveillance in urban environments.

Its developers say this could potentially reduce troop casualties.


billy pilgrim said...

sounds like those mexican lowriders that jump up and down.

i think the chinese have one that has helicopter blades coming out of the roof and ballast tanks for undersea missions.


i expect west police to h have one soon to patrol the retirement homes where i live..hahaha

texlahoma said...

Billy - It's classified technology that they don't want to fall into the wrong hands, namely the lowriders. Lowriders jumping in your backyard, nothing but trouble.

YDG - I think they use unmanned aircraft, drones in your area and black helicopters.


babs swears she can hear helicopters at night...she keeps yelling at them 'she lives over there, she lives over there' pointing at my apts..ha