Saturday, January 31, 2009

Generated International Crisis

Bush exploited 9/11 to realize the pre-set agenda of his Neo-Con masters months after he was inaugurated and Bill Clinton seized upon the Oklahoma City Bombing shortly into his second term to expand federal power. What will Obama’s crisis be that enables him to offer his contribution to building the American police state?

- A terror attack, or a series of attacks, on major American cities, possibly involving crudely designed nuclear bombs or dirty bombs?

- A complete economic collapse and a new great depression leading to food riots and the imposition of martial law?

- A military showdown with Russia should Russia attempt to invade Georgia or another pro-U.S. Russian satellite country?

- A nuclear showdown with Russia should Russia start a nuclear war with Ukraine, as has been threatened?

- The necessity for another military attack on Afghanistan should the Taliban continue to regain control of the country?

- A confrontation with Venezuela should it be revealed that Hugo Chavez is receiving nuclear bomb technology from Russia or Iran?

- A new escalation in the Middle East should Israel deploy its nuclear arsenal to attack Iran, Syria Lebanon, or even Egypt?

Whatever the new “international crisis” that we have been guaranteed turns out to be, you can bet your bottom dollar that the response to it will ultimately lead to more carnage and a further assault on the fast-disappearing freedoms that we still enjoy - and in that sense under an Obama presidency, the more things “change,” the more they will stay the same.

Sunday, January 18, 2009