Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Prophecies of "That Guy From Oklahoma"

Ten Year Outlook

2010 - June or later New York City Nuke. World War Three begins. First seal broken.

2011 - Arab Forces invade Europe.

2012 - Civil unrest, street violence, rioting worldwide. Second seal broken.

2013 - July Rome nuked, famine. Third seal broken.

2014 - Famine worsens as does violent crime, death toll rises. Forth seal is broken.

2017 - Famine lessens,as does civil unrest.

2019 - World War Three ends

Bonus predictions.

2021 - November 13th Comet Tempel 1 passes close to mars, breaks apart but won't hit Earth until 2039.

2415 - The Anti-Christ rises to power.


billy pilgrim said...

i hope you got lots of hamsters and gerbils to get through all this stuff.

i guess you'll need a few truckloads of cigarettes too.

texlahoma said...

Billy - Earthworms too. I've already got an eighteen wheeler full of cigarettes but it seems like I'm forgetting something...lighters! I'll need a small truckload of lighters, thanks Billy.


prediction from the old broad in texas.....12-21-12 the Goddess appears and sends all evangelical christian republicans to Hel. breaks out the mead, honey and beer for the rest of us.