Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Web Bot Predictions

Ok this is it .. probably the final posts i will do on the web bots for now!. Basically i wanted to talk about what Cliff High said on Radio Show Journeys with Rebecca yesterday. Cliff went through and revealed everything from the leaked Part 6 of the Last ALTA (web bot report).

Basically the web bot reports will stop from now on due to someone leaking the whole reports online which renders the bot project data sets unusable from now on. The major aspects of the final report look at the impacts of the dumping of the US dollar, the starting of November 5 war and the deterioration of the magnetosphere and its dire impacts on people, continents & life in 2012.

This great person on ATS did a summary of the interview the remaining predictions for 2009 going into 2012 and they are quite shocking indeed:


He said there will be a 10000 fold increase in UFO sightings this summer


Currently governments are proping us economies but this will fail - evidence of this will be seen in May 09. Also, when the dollar collapses other countries will not accept the U.S. dollar anymore and will not want U.S. military bases in their country. Global trading in US dollar as a common currency will stop and the US economy will collapse. The U.S. will then have a problem getting the troops home due to the dollar being worthless and not accepted.

(If you want to understand this there are theories of how dumping of the US dollar can cause global havoc)


Also the PTB (Powers that Be) are having the military test on troops "Ormes" which would be for them to stop any radiation problems from the sun and magnet problems we will be having. This is a very dangerous mixture of metals that can harm people and has to be done exactly to that own person's body. It is very expensive - BUT the PTB are having troops tested with it right now - to save themselves in the future!!! It is all about the "elite" being saved not the public from radiation that will increase as our magnetosphere collapses more.


Also the magnetosphere is being affected along with the sun and the rest of the solarsystem from the milky way magnetics, which we will be fully into on Dec. 21 2012. (Note NASA THEMIS showed and proved we were aware of the 2012 magnetosphere issue since 1998) (so when we see the magnetosphere folding - THAT IS NOT NORMAL)


Sept. pandemic really takes affect and becomes a huge problem - he did not elaborate too much on it. Swine flu problem only late 09

no medicines due to no other countries taking the dollar - so we can't buy medicines from around the world - no health care in the US towards - end of year. (best stock up on Tamiflu now i guess)


People taking vids of PTB doing bad things lose their lives as things come out


Lots of people will disappear - be killed off by PTB - that have info etc.
Others will disappear in very odd circumstances

Chemtrails info will come out more - being fear based of needing it from MSM propaganda - to the public (says to combat - global warming) MSM will try to scare people in making sure it keeps happening - all kinds of language with it, not sure the end result.


But then the chemtrails may stop anyway, due to ALL the volcano eruptions, that will be blocking the sun anyway. LOTS of volcano eruptions starting this year but main time of a big amount in 2010 to 2011, they will be going off in lots of places they have not happened before. New volcanos formed and erupting. This is due to the squeezing of the planet by our going into the milky way system again magnetics an issue. New land being formed but at same time magentic changes impact on earths crusts and some continents sink? (Mass migration plans may be needed from North to South hemisphere)


Nov/Dec - November 5 2009 is a special Day (something to do with Number 5 and war Important) - war annouced war of Pakistan and Iran together against Israel - in retaliation of their beginning - bombing - once that starts North Korea will also start something. Will become a 5 country war problem.


But problem for U.S. as the military bases are kicked out of countries due to no country accepting the U.S. dollar. He did not completely elaborate on how the U.S. will fare, only mentioned 5 war fronts.

That will be the problems with any shipments or purchases from other countries - no country will accept the dollar. So, no medicines will be available come winter.

Obama / PTB becomes PO at everything in Nov/Dec. as too much info is getting out and not able to control things as much as before.

{Like what? That Global Warming is a complete sham? D.G.}

Many whistleblowers - especially regarding NASA come out over the summer - Ufo related?.

{Or maybe that global warming is a complete sham?}

Rioting starts end of summer goes into mid 2010 -

People begin to start acting very odd - due to the magnetics and not able to sleep as the earth is being squeezed. This will be completely due to the milky way. This is affecting the sun also - PTB don't want the info out, about what is really going on.

He said about the only way to really purchase things is with straight gold or silver.
He thinks - not sure that within the U.S. we will still trade with dollars.

He said 5 individuals control the MSM (Main Stream Media) - they will do whatever it takes to control and will get angry as things begin happening and truths come out, where their control loosens.realufos


billy pilgrim said...

yup, gold is doing pretty well right now.

yesterday the canadian dollar had a good day based on stories that russia is dumping us dollars and buying canadian dollars.

i don't think we need web bots to predict the devaluation of the us dollar, it's been wildly overvalued for some time.

lots of people are speculating that the only way the us can deal with it's foreign debt is through hyper inflation. it might be a wild ride.

texlahoma said...

Billy - I think you're right, I wonder if the minimum wage will ever hit $100 an hour.